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Jingyuan presented its new AGV at CeMAT ASIA


On November 3-6, the 21st Asia International Logistics Technology and Transportation System Exhibition (CeMAT ASIA for short) was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This year, CeMAT ASIA continued to promote the deepening of digital transformation of logistics companies around the core theme of "Smart Logistics". At the same time, it launched the "AGV Theme Day" for the first time. Jingyuan Electromechanical has been deeply involved in the AGV industry for 16 years and also attended this exhibition by appointment.

With the gradual development of factory automation and intelligent models, the application scope and technical level of AGV have been rapidly developed. Especially in the outbreak of the epidemic since the beginning of the year, the application of robots and AGVs in various fields has exerted the greatest initiative and efficiency. At this exhibition, Jingyuan Electromechanical's new product LF1 AGV is a laser-guided AGV based on the SLAM algorithm. The map and path definitions can be stored in the AGV on-board controller, so that it can be referenced without a reflector. According to the autonomous navigation of the scene environment, the action flow of each station can be preset, and it can communicate with the host computer system through the wireless MODBUS protocol, accept scheduling instructions and feedback its own state.

SLAM forklift AGV running video on site

1. Simple on-site construction and stronger AGV autonomy
2. In the case of no reflector, the positioning accuracy is within ±10mm
3. Automatically adjust the running speed and stop in time within the safe distance
4. An initial map can be established for the on-site environment, route planning, and station action flow scheduling

As an old brand in the AGV industry, Jingyuan AGV has many mature application cases in the industry. Among them, several exhibits statically displayed in this exhibition all have a lot of performance in the industry.

Ⅰ Assembly AGV——Helping flexible production

AGV flexible assembly replaces the traditional conveyor and heavy-duty pallet mode. It can be used in every assembly link of the powertrain, automatically docking with equipment such as press-fitting, tightening, and gluing, and realizes intelligent monitoring. Only when the assembly is qualified, it can be released. Reduce the influence of human factors and improve assembly quality. Assembly materials and models are automatically matched, and the assembly line is automatically linked with KIT carts, which is convenient for employees to fetch and assemble. At the same time, the assembly posture can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the assembly height of the engine can be adjusted according to the height of the employees, realizing intelligent material transportation and manufacturing flexibility It can reduce labor intensity, save labor cost, save space, shorten time, and improve production efficiency.

Ⅱ All-round AGV-a leader in automotive logistics handling

The omni-directional AGV of Jingyuan Electromechanical has the characteristics of in-situ rotation, side shift and heavy load. It has been successfully applied to the flexible assembly of the entire vehicle. The vehicle assembly load reaches 5 tons, and different operating routes can be selected according to the needs of the assembly process. , It is highly flexible and intelligent.

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