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Weilai 100,000+, well and source together


The construction of smart factories is an important part of my country's strategy for a strong manufacturing nation. With the advent of the Internet of Things era, more and more automobile manufacturing industries have entered the ranks of production line optimization and upgrading, and smart manufacturing. As the leading company in the new car force, NIO, from May 27, 2018, the first ES8 mass production car was off the assembly line, to April 7, 2021, NIO completed the high-end smart electric vehicle in only 1,046 days. The leap from 1 to 100,000 units has created a new speed in the industry together with users and partners. The construction project with an annual output of 100,000 high-end new energy passenger vehicles has successively introduced the Jingyuan Electromechanical AGV to be used in the welding workshop and the final assembly workshop.

The Jianghuai NIO Advanced Manufacturing Base takes the continuous optimization of the four elements of "data, technology, business process, and organizational structure" as its foothold, from cloud platform, Internet of Things, application systems, process design, intelligent equipment, and intelligent sensing. Comprehensive planning to realize the collection, analysis and storage of multi-dimensional data of the factory, and effectively establish a production and manufacturing Internet of Things system.

Image source: Weilai

The Jianghuai Weilai plant is mainly used to produce high-end new energy passenger vehicles under the Weilai brand. In order to achieve the mixed-line production of different models of vehicles such as Weilai ES8, ES6 and EC6 on the same platform, Weilai has reached a cooperation with Jingyuan Electromechanical. AGV is mainly used for the assembly of front axle, rear axle, battery assembly and body.

Well source combined AGV

According to different production processes, Jingyuan Electromechanical Combined AGV uses battery single-lift combined AGV and front and rear axle manned three-lift combined AGV in the project. The combined AGV uses advanced technologies such as laser positioning, data acquisition, and synchronous dynamic tracking to realize dynamic assembly of the front and rear axle assemblies at any station in the assembly section to meet the mixed-line production of multiple models, realize flexible production, and reduce the production process. Intensity of labor, save labor costs and improve production efficiency.

The rollout of 100,000 vehicles is undoubtedly exciting news for Weilai. For Weilai, the team, partners and users are the main sources of this number. As a participant and witness of this process, Jingyuan will continue to innovate in technology, launch leading products and services, and create value for users.
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