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JY | High-lift heavy-duty AGV is widely used


The coordination, integration and flexibility of modern production industries require high intelligence in the logistics system in the factory. Intelligent AGV is one of the automatic handling tools for logistics in the factory, and its guiding method, material handling and safety performance to meet different tasks have become the direction of more and more users' attention.

With the use of fork-lift AGVs, there is a wide range of requirements for heavy-duty and high-lift scenarios. The laser heavy-duty and high-lift AGV is one of Jingyuan Electromechanical models for large-volume, large-load, and high-lift material handling. This type of AGV The lifting height is more than 8 meters, and the handling load covers 100KG-4000KG. It has been successfully used in many industries. The FX30 and FX40 AGVs are currently the two most popular laser heavy-duty high-lift AGVs in the industry, and they are also two products that I want to share with you today.

Lifting weights is light, stable and reliable
FX30 and FX40 use laser navigation. The laser scanner determines the position by continuously calculating the angle obtained from the rotating laser beam and the fixed reflector, and navigates according to the driving route of the predetermined program. It has precise positioning function to realize unmanned material handling. The design of AGV can be described as craftsmanship: the overall design of AGV is non-manual forklift transformation, which is designed and selected according to the size, structure, and center of gravity of the pallet or tooling trolley; it can adapt to all industries of pallets, paper rolls, containers, wine Handling, stacking, and storage management of barrels or specific loads; the use of AGV dedicated drive steering wheels has better performance than the AGV modified by manual forklifts in terms of stability, positioning accuracy, and response speed. Its positioning accuracy can reach ±5mm, so for heavy-load and high-lift scenarios, the AGV also shows the characteristics of light lifting, stable and reliable.

Application case of FX30 in a factory

The project has a load of 3.5 tons, a lift of 6 meters, and a walking speed of 1.5 meters per second. The AGV organically combines cargo in, out, storage, and position management, replacing 3 stackers and inbound and outbound conveyor lines for users. Save more than 3 million yuan in cost.

Application video of FX30 in a factory

Flexible, efficient and fast

Application case of FX40 in a factory

Heavy load AGVs generally have high requirements on the gear train, which must meet the load-bearing capacity and driving force without causing damage to the ground. The AGV is custom-designed according to the situation of different projects, and the wheels equipped will also be different, which can effectively reduce the ground pressure problem, so that the AGV's walking is not affected by the weight of the goods, and the product transportation work is easily completed.

The fork-lift AGV has a lifting height of over 6.5 meters and a load of 500KG-4000KG. It is designed with dual drives and double steering, and has very flexible maneuverability. Angle lateral movement; this type of AGV wishbone can extend forward 1.2 meters, which is especially suitable for narrow space scenes. The picking and unloading of two AGVs in the same lane does not affect each other's walking, and the efficiency is greatly improved. At the same time, the spacing of the fork arms can be automatically adjusted according to different goods, and the horizontal angle of the fork arms can be automatically adjusted by ±2.5°.

Dynamic diagram of FX40 application in a factory

Satisfy high-level storage and improve space utilization

Application case of FX30 in a factory

Utilizing the advantages of AGV high-lifting, you can maximize the use of storage space and store more goods; for example, the project implemented by our company in Qingdao and Thailand has an AGV that has a lifting height of more than 8 meters, a load of 3 tons, and an operating speed of 1.5 meters. /Sec, walking positioning accuracy ±5mm; AGV system is docked with MES, AGV automatically transports goods in and out of the warehouse; AGV system has WCS, warehouse location management and warehouse inventory are all automatically completed by the system; currently the system is safe, reliable and stable In 6 years, the benefits created for users are also very obvious:
◆Storage capacity increased by 43%: Compared with the original manual forklift, the pick-and-place error is large, only 7 floors can be placed, AGV pick-and-place accuracy is high, the layer spacing is small, the same height storage space can be placed 10 floors, and the storage space is increased from 2408 to 3440 indivual.
◆Intelligent storage location management: Compared with the original manual inventory, it is time-consuming, labor-intensive and error-prone. The AGV system automatically performs cargo location management, inventory management, and inventory, which can be dynamically updated in real time.
◆Reduce labor and cost: Reduce forklift workers, warehouse inventory personnel, and high-lift hydraulic trucks in 3 shifts.
◆Improved safety: Completely solve the risk of large errors in the original manual fork and the goods falling, hurting people and damaging the goods.

Dynamic picture of the application site of the laser heavy-duty high-lift AGV

Comprehensive protection and detection, safe and intelligent
There are often people working around the AGV working environment, and safety has always been a topic of great concern to users. A good AGV must not only satisfy the logistics handling function of its project, but also avoid human-made risks. Our AGV design and manufacture follow strict industry safety regulations to ensure the safety of personnel and goods. AGV achieves comprehensive and three-dimensional safety detection and protection; including laser safety detection, contact safety edge detection, 3D area detection, etc., up to 10 Species, specifically embodied in:
◆Front and rear 360° laser safety detection: detection distance is 3 meters, warning, deceleration, and stop ranges can be set, and 32 different areas can be automatically switched.
◆Safe touch edges on both sides: double protection with laser safety detection.
◆Front 3D visual inspection: It can detect the fork arms and cranes of the manual forklift above the AGV.

◆Emergency stop buttons and warning lights on the front and sides of the vehicle body.
◆Safe area boundary lights.
◆Laser and contact double detection at the front end of the wishbone.
◆Laser and contact double detection at the front end of the support leg.
◆In-position detection of pallet cargo fork picking.
◆Read the pallet bar code or RFID: AGV automatically recognizes the specification and model of the cargo location before taking the fork.
◆Area recognition system: check the position and shelf status.

More heavy-duty and high-lift AGV products at the application site

The continuous expansion of market demand has promoted the iterative upgrade of corporate logistics planning. As a professional manufacturer with 17 years of experience in the AGV industry, Jingyuan relies on rich experience and product technical advantages to provide feasible solutions according to different project scenarios and user needs. It provides unlimited possibilities for enterprises to build smart logistics warehousing systems.

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