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The forklift AGV is a laser navigation AGV independently developed by Jingyuan Company according to the needs of different industries. It is used for the transportation and storage of pallets and goods. Because of its high navigation accuracy and stable system, it is widely used in automobiles, tires, food, beverages, and papermaking. Printing and other industries.

Our AGVs can work completely on their own or side by side with people. Safety is of utmost importance to us and all AGVs have safety bumpers around them, confoming to stringent safety regulations. There are also sensors which registers if a person comes too close and consequently stops the AGV until the person has moved. The Max control system communicates with the AGVs with the help of WiFi radio(s). This is a Windows-based system which is easy to use. The AGVs are able to work in shifts, meaning that when one vehicle needs to load its battery, another vehicle takes over. This allows the AGVs to operate 24/7. The utmost advantages of MAXAGV are flexibility and cost efficiency.