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[May 1st Labor Day] Pay tribute to dreams and shine in the future


May 1st International Labor Day is a national holiday in more than 80 countries in the world, and it is also a holiday shared by working people all over the world. On this special day, the editor is here to pay tribute to every struggler of the times.

Happiness is the result of struggle, but work is the most beautiful aspect of struggle. In the past year, the teams of various departments of Jingyuan have adhered to the project site many times, and through unremitting efforts, they successfully completed the installation, commissioning, and acceptance of multiple projects. They used their own practical actions to interpret the most glorious work.

Facing my country’s demographic dividend fading and high labor costs, Jingyuan Electromechanical provides many customers with overall solutions for machine substitutions and intelligent logistics systems, realizing the transformation and upgrading of enterprise flexible production and intelligent manufacturing, and allowing more workers Be able to engage in value-creating jobs and earn a living.